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Four little words, uttered by her husband…
‘Oh my god,’ he gasped into her shoulder. ‘Shannon!’
There’s just one problem: her name isn’t Shannon.

Scarlett and Rufus aren’t in the honeymoon stage anymore so much as the honey-should-we-bother phase. Scarlett has plotted, planned and waxed more than any woman should have to, but nothing is bringing back their sparkle. Which makes it very hard to start the family they want. 

As the fairy dogmother of North London, Scarlett specialises in training naughty pets. She’s the last chance for the lovable dogs and their humans, so she spends her days tangled up in leads and covered in fur with her business partner and best friend in the world. Thank goodness the women have each other.

But Scarlett has to get her relationship back on track, and Rufus isn’t sharing his feelings with her. He is, though, sharing with her best friend. Her best friend, Shannon.

“A romantic, heart-warming story, yet one that will have you laughing out loud.” Whispering Stories
A bitter-sweet tale of romance and friendship.” The Curious Ginger Cat
"So engaging and witty." Sophie Kinsella, New York Times #1 bestselling author
"Really quite adorable. From friendships to relationships to a whole lot of dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end." Chick Lit Plus

Put your feet up and tuck into the mince pies, because you won't have to lift a finger to enjoy this Christmas...

Too bad the same can’t be said for single mother and extremely undomestic goddess, Lottie. When her beloved Aunt Kate ends up in hospital just before Christmas, Lottie and her seven-year-old daughter rush to rural Wales to take over her B&B. A picky hotel reviewer and his mad family are coming to stay, and without the rating only he can give them, Aunt Kate will lose her livelihood.

But Lottie can barely run her own life, let alone a hotel. How will she manage to turn the falling-down guesthouse into the luxurious wonderland the reviewer expects? And could the mysterious taxi driver, Danny, who agrees to help her, turn out to be the real gift this season?

As the snow sparkles on the trees and hot chocolate steams in your hand, snuggle into the delicious magic of Christmas at the Falling-Down Guesthouse.


“A precious little gem - packed with laughs, emotions, up and downs and love.” 5* Alba in Bookland

“Lottie was an absolute dream of a character.” 5* Crooks on Books

“Completely recommended as a feel-good read.” 5* Shaz’s Book Boudoir“A funny, feel-good romcom… the perfect read to curl up with” FABULOUS magazine

“The storyline instantly pulls you in but the characters and the festive feel make this story a magical CHRISTMAS read that will brighten those gloomy winter days.” 5* For Love of a Good Book

Wriggle your toes in the sand and feel the warm breeze on your face when you check into the hotel that's full of dreams

Three years after ditching her career in New York City, Rosie never thought she’d still be managing the quaint faded Victorian hotel in her seaside hometown. 

What’s worse, the hotel’s new owners are turning it into a copy of their Florida properties. Flamingos and all. Cultures are clashing and the hotel’s residents stand in the way of the developers’ plans. The hotel is both their home and their family.

That’s going to make Rory’s job difficult when he arrives to enforce the changes. And Rosie isn’t exactly on his side, even though it’s the chance to finally restart her career. Rory might be charming, but he’s still there to evict her friends.

How can she follow her dreams if it means ending everyone else’s?


"Absolutely gorgeous!" Debbie Johnson

“Full of enjoyment, humour and utter brilliance.” 5* Ali the Dragon Slayer

“I loved every minute of this and raced through from first page to last. Funny, charming and irresistibly sweet." 5* Jen Med's Book Reviews

“Wowzer, it’s phenomenal! Just the right amounts of tension, humour, and drama.” 10 out of 10 Paige Turner Reviews

“Utterly fabulous, completely hilarious, a pure escapist read.” 5* Rachel's Random Reads

“I was buzzing through the pages - a story I HIGHLY recommend!” Mrs Mommy Booknerd

"Enchanting, huggable, gigglefest - the perfect antidote for the real world. 4* The Writing Garnet

You're warmly invited to the Wedding of the Century with all your favourite friends. It's the most gorgeous vintage fun you'll have this year!

When Emma’s boyfriend Daniel pops the question with a ring the size of a small country, she realizes just how different their worlds are. Her family can only afford a low-key wedding while Daniel’s mother is expecting a society party that their high-brow guests won’t forget! 

How will Emma put together a sophisticated champagne-sodden celebration fit for Lords and Ladies when her dad can’t accept any help from Daniel’s family, her best friend Kelly has become a world-class Bridesmaidzilla and her cross-dressing Uncle Barbara is dying to strut his stuff up the aisle?

The big day is three months away. Just don’t look too closely, because nothing is as it seems!



"I loved the humour, the settings, the quirkiness, and ALL the characters." Jane Linfoot

"Full of fun, frolics and well-meaning family interference - it has all the appeal of a Richard Curtis. I loved it!" Cathy Bramley

"Warm, witty, and wonderful - the perfect rom com" Debbie Johnson

"So flirtatious and fresh - I loved it." Alexandra Brown, #1 bestselling author of Carrington's series

A feel-good story that's as scrumptious as your favourite slice of cake!

Emma’s new café will be perfect, with its gorgeous strings of vintage bunting, mouth-wateringly gooey cakes, comforting pots of tea and quirky customers who think of each other as friends.

It’s a long road to get there, but as her business fills with freelancing hipsters, stroppy teens, new mums and old neighbourhood residents, Emma realises that they’re not the only ones getting a second chance. She is too.

But when someone commits bloomicide on their window boxes, their milk starts disappearing and their cake orders are mysteriously cancelled, it becomes clear that someone is determined to close them down.

Will the café be their second chance after all?



“The perfect blend of sweetness and substance, with plenty of laughs along the way.” Debbie Johnson, bestselling author of Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

“It is a story with a beautiful message to share – sometimes people just need a helping hand.” Whispering Stories

Well-paced and beautifully written with the right amount of humour. LOVED IT!” Christie Barlow, author of A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother

“This book is generous, heartwarming, community spirited and restores your faith in humans." Cosy Books

“An absolutely wonderful read. [Emma is] the kick-arse heroine that we all need.” Chick Lit Uncovered